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About Swinomish Taxation

The Swinomish Indian Tribal Community has adopted a Swinomish Trust Improvement Use and Occupancy Tax Code (STC 17-11) that applies to individuals who own a home, commercial structure, or other improvement on leased trust land within the Swinomish Indian Reservation. The Code establishes a tribal tax on the use and occupancy of permanent improvements on leased Swinomish Reservation Trust land. The Tribe previously adopted an Interim Trust Improvement Use and Occupancy Tax Code (STC 17-10) which applied only to taxes payable for the years 2011-2014. Using this website, you can stay informed about taxes on the Swinomish Reservation and look up information relating to valuations and taxes for specific parcels.

Your tax dollars at work

Historically, property tax revenue collected from the Swinomish Reservation was distributed county-wide, with none flowing back to the Swinomish community to support tribal services. The Tribe began asserting its sovereign taxation authority after the 2014 Great Wolf Lodge decision, which removed 931 homes on Swinomish Trust land from Skagit County tax rolls and would otherwise have created a tax-free zone, with a budget crisis for vital services soon to follow. Instead, the Use and Occupancy Tax revenue now contributes to government services and directly funds the Tribe’s regular educational and public safety contributions, reflecting the importance that the Swinomish Tribe places on the education and safety of the entire reservation community.

Some of the Swinomish Tribe's tax revenue contributions have helped fund...

Ambulance - image 1
School Bus
Totem Pole - image 1
Ambulance - image 2
Totem Pole - image 2